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Saucy’s Seasoning Is Now For Sale!

10 Jan

I am so excited to annouce that my very own blend of seasoning is up for sale on!  Go check out Saucy’s Seasoning at Etsy. ( And Tell Your Friends) Click Here to see Saucy’s Seasoning!


Saucy Mouth’s Seasoning Salt

25 Oct

So this weekend I worked on making my own seasoning. It started with me going to different stores that sold spices to collect a variety of different types of spices. Once I had gathered all the spices I started to combined them to try to find the type of seasoning that I could call my own! It took me all weekend and lots of testing ( My poor husband and our friends were my guinea pigs) but I think I may have found the right blend! My next step is to start handing out my spice to friends and family to get their feedback. After I have received their feedback, I will start to use it in my cooking videos and also look into bottling it to sell on my website! I’m so excited for this little spice chapter in my life to begin! SM